Delaware Limited Power of Attorney Form

A Delaware Limited (Special) Power of Attorney empowers an individual (the “agent”) to represent another person (the “principal”) when completing itemized tasks. The agent’s power is limited only to the duties that are stated in the POA. This form is used for very specific one (1) time actions, including, but not limited to purchasing or selling a motor vehicle, tax collections, or real estate transactions.

The form is non-durable, meaning that it becomes void if or when the principal dies or is unable to make decisions for themselves. It also no longer holds legal power when:

  • All tasks are completed;
  • The form expires;
  • The principal fills out a POA revocation form; and/or
  • The agent and principal divorce (if they were married when the POA was signed).

Signing requirements (§ 49A-105): The document must be:

  1. Notarized; and
  2. Signed by one (1) witness.