Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare Form


A Georgia advance directive is a form that an adult of sound mind can use to plan for how they wish to be cared for in the event they can no longer care for themselves. This form combines a medical power of attorney and living will, allowing the principal (person completing the form) to assign a health care agent to make decisions in their place. The chosen agent must be trustworthy, cannot be a doctor, and must agree to advocate for the principal. For this reason, it is common for the principal to choose a family member or close friend to take on this role.

The form goes into effect when a principal cannot make decisions for themselves. Incapacitation often occurs due to serious injuries, being comatose, having dementia, or suffering from health-related challenges due to old age. A physician must verify (in writing) that the principal cannot communicate before the advance directive can go into effect.

Laws: § 31-32

Signing requirements (§ 31-32-5): Must be signed in the presence of the declarant by two (2) witnesses.