Georgia General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


Save and complete the Georgia General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form to give a specific individual (your “agent”) a means of completing tasks and making decisions as if it were you doing it yourself. Empowering your agent with said power is important if you’ll be out of the state/country on vacation or a military deployment. For example, should you need someone to withdraw money from your bank and pay for a bill, your agent could do it by showing the bank their copy of the POA. If they sign any documents, they only need to write “(Agent name) signing on behalf of (your name)”.


The form should be completed prior to leaving, as Georgia law requires it to be notarized and signed by one (1) witness. When it comes time to choosing your agent, take your time, as the agent will have significant amounts of power, that left unchecked could cause serious financial consequences. If you’ve known the agent for a long time and they’ve always been trustworthy, that’s a great sign. If you’re married, selecting your spouse as the agent is a common and recommended option. You may be wondering the difference between the “general” and the “durable” form. They’re both used for granting the same types of financial powers, but are different in that the general form automatically ends should you suffer a medical event that renders you unable to communicate. In the medical world, this is known as “incapacitation”.

Laws: Title 10, Ch. 6B

Signing requirements (§ 10-6B-5) – The principal needs to sign the form in view of a Notary Public AND in front of one (1) witness. The agent’s signature doesn’t need to be verified.