Iowa Durable Power of Attorney

The Iowa Durable Power of Attorney provides persons of all legal ages a method by which they can appoint a person of their choice to act in their stead regarding their personal assets. The word “durable” points to the fact that the document remains unaffected by the principal’s health – it will remain effective unless it is purposefully terminated, or the principal dies. The form can be created at any point on one’s life once they pass eighteen (18) years of age. Typically the earlier the better, as someone never knows when a life-changing medical event will occur. The person that is selected for the role of handling said tasks is known as the “agent” – common responsibilities the agent may handle include managing investments, paying bills, and depositing or withdrawing money.

Revoking an Agent’s Power: Iowa Revocation of Power of Attorney


Laws: § 144B.2

Signing requirements (§ 633B.105) – Notarized.