Iowa Limited Power of Attorney Form


An Iowa limited power of attorney is a document used to grant a person the authority to act on the behalf of another person. The creator of the form (referred to as the “principal”) must include the specific tasks that they wish to be completed in the document. The person carrying out the responsibilities (referred to as the “agent”) must perform the duties exactly as requested. If they do not follow the stated terms, the principal can remove their power.

The amount of time that a limited power of attorney lasts depends on how long the task takes to complete. For example, signing a check or document for the principal may require less time. However, selling their personal property can take weeks or months.

Nonetheless, a limited power of attorney has a shorter duration than other types since the tasks are specific, one-time requests. A general power of attorney, on the other hand, gives the agent more power and longer-lasting responsibilities.

A limited POA expires if the agent completes all tasks requested by the principal, the principal becomes incapacitated (unlike durable and medical power of attorney forms), either party becomes a resident of a state other than that stated in the document, the form reaches its expiration date, and/or the principal completes an Iowa revocation form.

Signing requirements (§ 633B.105): Must be notarized.