Iowa Limited Power of Attorney Form


An Iowa limited power of attorney is a document used to grant a person the authority to act on behalf of a principal. The form’s developer establishes the items that need accomplishing then sets deadlines as required. Agents, or individuals taking on these responsibilities, must read the directions, make inquiries, and carry out the job(s) as directed.

The principal can hire someone to handle the tasks, although most commonly, the agent works for free. Generally, the principal authorizes family, friends, or business partners, so they do not have to take on the obligation themselves. Individuals with busy lives benefit most from this setup since it frees up their daily routine from burdens. For instance, they can delegate their time to other areas since they do not have to pay a bill, make a payment, sign a document, or handle other time-consuming matters.

Signing requirements (§ 633B.105): Must be notarized.