Iowa Medical Power of Attorney Form

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An Iowa medical power of attorney, otherwise known as a power of attorney for health care, authorizes one party (the attorney-in-fact) to make health care decisions for another party (the principal) who has granted them the legal powers to do so. It is very important the principal takes the time to decide which powers they want their agent to have, as it can be especially difficult for a principal to revoke their agent’s powers after becoming incapacitated. Should the agent need to make a decision for the principal that wasn’t covered in the POA, they will be obligated to make a decision that best reflects what they believe the principal would want.

Laws: § 144A.3 and § 144B.2

Resources: Iowa Power of Attorney Handbook.pdf

Signing requirements (§ 144A.3§ 144B.3): Must be:

  • Witnessed by two (2) witnesses who must also sign the power of attorney, or
  • Acknowledged before a Notary Public.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if the principal dies?

  • Answer: The power of attorney will automatically terminate.


What if the principal changes their mind?

  • Answer: The document can be revoked manually (using a revocation form), or the principal can create and sign a new POA with updated information. The creation of a new medical POA supersedes any previously-created POAs.


Who can act as the agent?

  • Answer: Anyone! The principal can opt to have anyone eighteen (18) years and older act as their attorney-in-fact (agent).