Iowa Medical Power of Attorney Form


An Iowa medical power of attorney authorizes one party (the attorney-in-fact) to make health care decisions for another party (the principal). This form gives the attorney-in-fact the ability to accept, refuse, or withdraw consent to medical treatment, services, or procedures. Physicians and nurses must follow the instructions for care as written in the document.

The attorney-in-fact gains access to the principal’s health records as soon as the medical power of attorney goes into effect. They can legally give this information to health providers or insurance companies as long as it pertains to treatment or payment. The principal can use the form to elect a secondary attorney-in-fact to replace the primary attorney-in-fact. This change only occurs if the primary agent cannot carry out the requested responsibilities for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if the principal dies?

  • Answer: The power of attorney will automatically terminate.

What if the principal changes their mind?

  • Answer: The document can be revoked manually (using a revocation form), or the principal can create and sign a new power of attorney with updated information. The creation of a new medical power of attorney supersedes any previously written.

Who can act as the agent?

  • Answer: Anyone! The principal can opt to have anyone eighteen (18) years and older act as their attorney-in-fact (agent).

Laws: § 144A.3 + § 144B.2

Resources: Iowa Power of Attorney Handbook

Signing requirements (§ 144A.3§ 144B.3): Two (2) witnesses and Notary Public required