Iowa Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 411021)


An Iowa motor vehicle power of attorney (Form 411021) is completed by an individual or business that needs another person (the attorney) to carry out tasks relating to a car, truck, or van. The owner must trust the attorney to follow the instructions as written in the document.

Signing requirements: Notarization required.

What is an Iowa Motor Vehicle POA?

An Iowa motor vehicle power of attorney authorizes a person or entity to act on someone’s behalf to make decisions regarding motor vehicle-related concerns. The attorney, or assigned individual, must present the form when carrying out the tasks for the car owner. For example, they might show the buyer, seller, clerk, staff member, or anyone else involved.

When assigning Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) tasks, the owner must provide the attorney with the finalized documents. Incomplete paperwork can result in unsuccessful transactions. Similarly, the assigned person must collect receipts acquired while completing the assignment(s). This step verifies the money spent and allows them to request reimbursement.

Other examples of assigned tasks include:

  • Signing documents relating to the vehicle;
  • Completing a certification of title application;
  • Requesting duplicate title;
  • Transferring title to another party;
  • Applying for notation of security interest;
  • Acquiring motor vehicle odometer (mileage) statement;
  • Filling out a damage disclosure statement; and/or
  • Any other duty requested by the vehicle owner or business.

How to Write

Download: PDF

Step 1 – Authorized Acts

Choose the box next to the transaction(s) the representative (attorney-in-fact) is authorized to perform. If a transaction is not listed, select ‘Other’ and specify it on the line provided.

Step 2 – Owner Personal Information and Appointed Representative

Write the owner’s entire name and address on the first lines provided. Then, include the name of the attorney-in-fact.

Step 3 – Vehicle Information

Provide the car’s title number (when applicable), make, style, year, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), model, and color.

Step 4 – Notary Public Details

Iowa state law requires a Notary Public certify the document. Complete notarization online by navigating to Research and discover local Notary Public officials if in-person notarization is preferred.