Idaho Durable Medical Power of Attorney + Living Will

The Idaho Durable Medical Power of Attorney + Living Will is a legally-binding document that is available for any individual to draw up, so long as they are in a competent state when they do so. It is a type of Advance Directive that acts as a representation of the individual’s wishes regarding his or her future health care. As such, no two documents will be the same. For instance, one individual may elect to receive medical treatments if they fall into a persistent vegetative state, whereas another individual may elect for such treatments to be completely withheld.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – The Medical Consent and Natural Death Act

Signing Requirements (§39-4510) – The Principal must sign the Durable Medical Power of Attorney + Living Will. In order for it to be considered a genuine signature in the eyes of the law, it is mandatory for the Principal to sign it before a Notary Public or other individual authorized to take acknowledgments.