Idaho General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


The Idaho General (Financial) Power of Attorney confers decision-making authorization from the person granting it, to someone they trust dearly. There are no pre-requisites for using and issuing the form other than the parties needing to be of legal adult age. While sharing many characteristics with the durable POA, it is distinguished by the fact in that it will cease all effectiveness in the case that the principal accedes to ineptitude (a.k.a. “incapacitation”).

When should you execute this form? Circumstances in which it can be employed are:

  • You have an upcoming military deployment;
  • You will be leaving on vacation for several months;
  • You want to give your property manager the ability to sign leases for you; or
  • You’ll be getting medical treatment in the near future.


Laws: Title 15, Ch. 12

Signing requirements (§ 15-12-105): Must contain the stamp and signature of a Notary Public.