Illinois Durable Springing Power of Attorney

The Illinois Durable Springing Power of Attorney (POA) is a regularly used contract due to the substantial benefits it offers its creator. Once the POA is executed, they will, as a “Principal,”  be legally able to delegate their decision making powers to another party (termed the Agent). In effect, the Agent will be able to act on their behalf to handle the financial issues they list out. This contract’s particular conditions means it will “spring” into effect upon a specified event or date, and continue indefinitely—even if the Principal becomes incapacitated. That is, unless it is revoked.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Illinois Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (ILCS 45/3-3) – At least one (1) witness as well as a Notary Public must ensure that the Principal signs the Durable Springing Power of Attorney in a lawful manner.