Illinois Durable Springing Power of Attorney

An Illinois Durable Springing Power of Attorney (POA) enables you to assign a representative to act in your place regarding financial, real estate, and other personal property matters. Should you suffer an event that leaves you unable to communicate with those around you, the form will remain active. Because the person selected as the representative will have access to such highly sensitive information, they should be someone you would trust with your life. In contractual-speak, you (person writing the form) is known as the “principal”, and the one you select is your “agent”. The form contains a springing clause, which means you can have it so the agent’s powers only go into effect after you can’t speak on your own behalf (“incapacitation”).

Revoking an Agent’s Power: Illinois Revocation of Power of Attorney


LawsIllinois Power of Attorney Act (755 ILCS 45)

Signing requirements (ILCS 45/3-3): Notarized + signed by 1 witness.