Illinois Minor Child Power of Attorney


An Illinois minor child power of attorney form is used for delegating a parent’s responsibilities to a person they trust. The form does not grant permanent guardianship and is not to be used for terms to exceed one (1) year except for special circumstances. The person that receives the temporary rights is referred to as the agent or the attorney-in-fact.

The parent(s) can specify exactly what the agent can and cannot do in regards to taking care of their child. For example, if they do not want the agent to bathe the child, this can be specified in the contract. The types of responsibilities that are typically granted include the right to provide financially for the child, handle their education, and carry out any medical decisions.

Download: PDF, WORD, RTF

Laws: ILCS 45/4-3

When to use: The form can be used whenever the parent(s) will be unable to effectively care for their child(ren). This can be due to the parent(s) being:

  • Ill (hospitalized)
  • Deployed out of country (military)
  • In prison
  • On vacation