Indiana Advance Directive Form

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An Indiana advance directive is a document that is compliant with Indiana’s state laws on the matter of an individual electing an attorney-in-fact to carry out their future health care wishes. These wishes may encompass the individual’s preferences in relation to their end-of-life care and medical treatments when they are in a state of incapacity. The individual can use the document to specify in writing which types of care and treatments they consent to, and which ones they do not.


State Laws & Signing Requirements

State LawsIC 16-36-4-10 and IC 16-36-1-7

Signing Requirements (IC 16-36-1-6(a)(3)IC 16-36-1-7(b)(3)), (IC 16-36-4-8(b)(5)(c))) An advance directive executed in Indiana must be signed by the delegate and witnessed by an adult who meets witness criteria provided by state law.