Indiana Durable Power of Attorney


An Indiana Durable Power of Attorney is a type of estate planning legal document that is used for making plans into the future regarding one’s assets and finances. With the form, one selects someone they trust to perform responsibilities with the title “Agent”. The person’s agent can be anyone, although it should be someone that can be trusted with everything, as they will be able to access bank accounts, property management, and much more. Three (3) qualities that should be focused on are the person’s 1) credibility, 2) availability, 3) responsibility. The agent will need to be located near the person signing over the power as well, as they often need to be in-person in order to communicate with banking professionals, brokers, and so on. Above all, take your time selecting the agent – this process shouldn’t be rushed by any means.


Laws: Powers of Attorney

Signing Requirements (IC 30-5-4-1): Signed by a Notary Public.