Indiana Limited Power of Attorney

An Indiana Limited (Special) Power of Attorney form is used when an individual gives someone else the authority to handle responsibilities without being in attendance. The initiator of the document (the “principal”) must outline the exact procedure that they want another entity (the “agent”) to follow. The agent is accountable to the principal’s requests until all tasks are completed, or the document becomes nullified by expiration or revocation. All parties should own a hard or digital copy and take measures to protect their LPOA. Without the form, businesses will not allow an agent to act on a principal’s behalf. It also proves that the agent has been granted access and power, and can be referenced in the future if needed.

An LPOA includes one (1) to three (3) specified duties. The principal should use precise wording in their task list to ensure that the agent understands their role. They should also include information about what the agent can and cannot do while carrying out each action. If the agent acts beyond the given power, they may be subject to legal consequences.

Signing requirements (IC 30-5-4-1): The Indiana LPOA must be Notarized.