Kansas Limited Power of Attorney Form

A Kansas Limited (Special) Power of Attorney (LPOA) is a template that a principal uses to grant another party (an “attorney-in-fact”) the ability to act on their behalf. Since the form is limited, it only lasts for a short time and includes few responsibilities. The attorney-in-fact must carry out all given tasks before the document expires. Once the duties are finished, the LPOA becomes inactive. If at any point the principal decides that the attorney-in-fact is no longer reliable, they can take away their rights using a revocation form.

A principal may issue an LPOA in a variety of situations. It is important to note that the attorney-in-fact has limitations on what they can do while the form is active. They also must abide by all details stated in the form. If they act outside of the agreed-upon duties, they may face legal fines or jail time. Examples of when to use this document include:

  • Signing a check;
  • Buying or selling property;
  • Tax filing; and/or
  • Mail services.

Signing requirements (§ 58-629(e)):

  • Signed by two (2) witnesses; and
  • Notarized.