Kansas Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


The Kansas Minor Child Power of Attorney is a document that complies with the provisions found in the Safe Families Act. This Act allows a parent or a legal custodian to delegate decision making powers concerned with the wellbeing of their child to another person legally referred to as the Attorney in Fact. As noted, this legal arrangement does not “deprive the parent or legal custodian of any parental or legal authority regarding the care and custody of the child.” Instead, it allows the Attorney in Fact to act in the certain circumstances provided for.

Duration of the Power of Attorney

The Safe Families Act states that the powers granted to an Agent under a Minor Child Power of Attorney will be effective for a period not in excess of one (1) year.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Safe Families Act

Signing Requirements (Safe Families Act(Sec. 4)) – A Kansas Minor Child Power of Attorney Form requires the following parties to sign the form:

  • The Parent/Legal Custodian,
  • Attorney in Fact, and
  • Notary Public.