Kentucky Durable Power of Attorney Form


A Kentucky Durable Power of Attorney provides representation to a way in which a person can direct another individual to represent their finances and other non-medical matters. Being an estate planning document, it provides a person with a means of planning for the unexpected. Should they become ill or suffer an accident that leaves them in a coma or unable to speak to those around them, the document will go into effect, and the person they choose as their agent will gain their power. The powers the person wants to provide their agent should be clearly spelled-out in the form. A form that is left broad will give the agent a considerable amount of responsibility, which may or may not be desirable by the person completing the document.

Revoking an Agent’s Power: Kentucky Revocation of Power of Attorney


Laws: § 457.040

Signing requirements (§ 457.050 – Updated 2020): Principal’s signature must be notarized.