Kentucky Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Kentucky limited power of attorney is a form that grants permission to an agent so they can perform one-time tasks for a principal. The assigned duties are very specific and include activities like accepting mail for someone, picking up their vehicle, or signing a check for them. Once completed, the document becomes null.

The principal can set an expiration date, as well, so that the agent no longer has authority after that time. If they wish to take away the agent’s power while the form is active, they can do so by completing a Kentucky revocation form.


This type of form is unique because it is only used for one (1) to three (3) duties at a time. Other power of attorneys allow the agent to act for the principal in broader terms. For example, a general power of attorney does not list exact tasks for an agent to complete. Instead, they can make any financial decision for the principal.

Medical and durable power of attorneys are similar as they give the agent more authority than a limited power of attorney. However, they are the only types that last even if the principal becomes incapacitated or passes away. Incapacitated means the person had an injury, illness, or disease that leaves them unable to make decisions for themselves. An example of this situation is if the principal is on life support or has received a dementia diagnosis.

Signing requirements (§ 457.050(2)) – Notarization is required.