Louisiana Limited Power of Attorney Form

The Louisiana Limited Power of Attorney is a form that can be used to provide someone you know and trust with the “power” to handle one (1) or more tasks that they would otherwise not have permission to complete. For example, if a person that owns a rental property is going to be leaving the state or country for a certain amount of time, they could use this power of attorney to give a person they know and trust (the “agent”) the right to manage their rental property. This could involve cashing checks, handling repairs, evicting tenants, and more.

The most important part of using the form is to ensure the agent has clear and explicit instructions on how to act. Doing so will bind the agent to act only in the special circumstances and manner the principal wishes them to. Once the form has been completed, the principal should have their signature notarized. This further proves that they indeed signed the form, should someone question the legitimacy of the document.

Versions (3)

Version 1 – OpenDocs

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Version 2 – OpenDocs

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Version 3 – eForms

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