Louisiana Limited Power of Attorney Form

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A Louisiana limited power of attorney is a form completed by a person (the “principal”) to give another person (the “agent”) the means to act in their place. Examples of when this form may be needed are during the sale of property, money transfers, or document signing. When completing the assigned tasks, the agent may need to present the signed limited power of attorney, so it is important that both parties retain a copy.

A limited power of attorney is not like a durable or medical power of attorney, which do not expire if the principal becomes unable to make decisions for themselves. It is used for more specific tasks in comparison to a general power of attorney, as well.


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A limited power of attorney works by giving an agent the legal ability to complete tasks for a principal. It is not long-lasting as it expires once all duties have been finished by the agent, the document reaches its end date, the principal revokes the agent’s power by completing a Louisiana revocation form, or the agent acts beyond the powers they are given.

The principal needs to be as specific as possible when writing the form so that the agent knows exactly what they need to do. This step also protects the principal since it limits the agent’s abilities. Nonetheless, it is important to choose a responsible and trustworthy agent. Most commonly, a family member, close friend, or business partner is selected.