Louisiana Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A Louisiana minor child care power of attorney form offers parents and guardians a legal method to temporarily delegate their parental or guardianship responsibilities to a trusted individual. This form is especially beneficial for parents and guardians with unpredictable availability, such as military personnel, those with travel commitments, or individuals working in shift-based roles. Using this form, parents can ensure the child’s welfare and safety are maintained during their absence, as the appointed individual will have the authority to make crucial decisions on the child’s behalf. Additionally, this arrangement offers flexibility, as others can tailor it to fit specific needs, durations, and circumstances for each family situation.

State Laws: § 951952953, and 954

Signing Requirements (§ 954): Even though there is a lack of signing requirements for a Louisiana Minor Child Power of Attorney Form, parents and guardians are urged to sign the form in the view of a  Notary Public and two (2) disinterested witnesses.