Louisiana Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form


Louisiana motor vehicle power of attorney is a legal document that a person or business (the vehicle owner or lessee) creates to give another person (the attorney-in-fact) the ability to act on their behalf. The vehicle owner completes the form when they cannot or do not want to tend to the matter themselves. By taking on the role of “attorney-in-fact,” the designated person agrees to carry out the wishes of the vehicle owner as requested.

Signing requirements: No signing requirements. Notarization recommended.

What is a Louisiana Motor Vehicle POA?

A Louisiana motor vehicle power of attorney allows an individual to designate someone else to act on their behalf in matters related to the ownership and operation of motor vehicles in the state, ensuring that their interests are protected even in their absence. More specifically, it allows the assigned person to title, register, transfer, and sell the motor vehicle and make any necessary changes to its registration or title.

If the agent neglects their responsibilities, they could be held legally responsible for any damages caused. This could include financial losses, legal fees, or other costs associated with the neglect. The principal (i.e., the person who gave the power of attorney) could also take legal action against the agent for neglecting their duties.

How to Write

Download: PDF

Step 1 – Identifying Details of Car

Write the make, model, year, body, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the lines provided.

Step 2 – Names and Signatures

On the first line, write the car owner’s name. Then, record the name of the attorney-in-fact (appointee) on the following line. In the presence of a Notary Public, the owner(s) and witness(es) sign and print their name(s).

Step 3 – Notary Public Approval and Signature

The Notary Public must verify that the witness was present for the vehicle owner’s signing. He or she must include their signature and the date, as well.