Massachusetts Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

The Massachusetts Limited (Special) Power of Attorney can be filled out by any adult person who has a specific matter that they need another person (otherwise known as their agent or “Attorney-in-Fact”) to handle. Once completed, the form delegates their decision making powers to the individual or entity they nominate to be their agent. Wielding these powers, the agent will be required to complete any tasks related to the specific matter with the principal’s best interests in focus.

Out of all of the POA types, the limited is most commonly used for situations in which the principal needs someone to handle a matter that they cannot complete due to being in another location. Once the agent has completed the tasks assigned to them (signing a contract, collecting rent from a leasing situation, etc.), the contract will (typically) terminate, relinquishing all power from the agent. If the principal does not include an end-date on the form, the contract can be revoked any time using POA revocation form.