Massachusetts Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Massachusetts limited power of attorney is a form that is completed by a resident of Massachusetts (the “principal”) when delegating decision-making powers to another person (the “agent”). When writing the form, the principal must include the exact tasks that they wish for the agent to carry out. Both parties need to sign the limited power of attorney in order for it to be legally binding. This document is most commonly used when a principal needs another person to handle specific matters on their behalf. Once the agent has completed the tasks assigned to them, the contract will terminate, removing all power from the agent. The duties can include signing a contract, collecting rent from a leasing situation, and much more.


This type of power of attorney is unique because it is completed for one-time tasks. It can be used for health-related and financial decisions, although a medical or general power of attorney is typically filled out in these situations. A limited power of attorney is not durable as it immediately expires if the principal has an accident or illness that leaves them unable to make decisions for themselves. The principal is able to end the contract by using a Massachusetts revocation form.

Signing requirements – State law does not mention requirements for signing.