Massachusetts Minor Child POA Form


A Massachusetts minor child power of attorney form allows parents (the “principal”) to assign another individual the responsibility of caring for their child. They complete it when they cannot carry out parental duties due to personal, business, government, or other reasons. This legal form grants the chosen individual (the “guardian”) the authority to handle matters such as schooling, health, recreation activities, and other specified areas for the child. Although state law allows the form to continue until terminated, the principal typically uses it for short to medium-term situations (§ 5-201). Common scenarios in which parents utilize this form include 1) leaving for active military duty, 2) serving a prison sentence, and 3) receiving inpatient care.

State Laws (§ 5-103(b)): When reviewing Massachusetts statutes related to guardian assignments, it is essential to understand that these laws also encompass court-appointed guardianships. Some regulations may not apply to cases where the child’s rightful parents select the guardian.

Signing Requirements (§ 5-103): The form must meet specific signing requirements, which include the parent or guardian signing in the presence of two (2) witnesses, who must also sign.