Massachusetts Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney Form

The Massachusetts Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney outlines a number of key provisions relating to the delegation of one or more motor vehicle related tasks from a motor vehicle owner to a party they entrust to complete them. Given that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has not issued a particular form that must be used to use to signify such a request, motor vehicle owners can instead use a form that comprehensively covers the details of an arrangement of this nature, such as the one provided here. When filling out this legally-binding form, the motor vehicle owner should keep in mind to fill out each section truthfully and accurately.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code

Signing Requirements – As there are no state mandated signing requirements for a Motor Vehicle POA, it is generally recommended that the Principal signs the document in the presence of a licensed Notary Public, and, if possible, two (2) witnesses as well.