Maryland Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Maryland limited power of attorney is a form that gives an entity (the “agent”) the authority to act on behalf of another person (the “principal”). The agent must follow the guidelines stated in the “Special Instructions” section. By signing, they are binding themselves to the agreed-upon tasks. If duties are not carried out as stated or there is an abuse of power, the limited POA can be revoked, making the agent responsible for any damages caused by their actions.


A “limited” power of attorney means that an agent must complete very specific tasks in a short period of time. Once these duties have been fulfilled, the document automatically ends (§ 17-112). Similarly, the principal can terminate the agreement at any time by completing a Maryland revocation form.

This type of form (along with general power of attorneys) is also considered limited because it ends if the principal passes away or becomes incapacitated. However, medical and durable power of attorneys last under these circumstances.

Signing requirements (§ 17-110): Notarized and signed by two (2) witnesses.