Maryland Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A Maryland minor child power of attorney form is executed when parents or guardians cannot provide care for their child. This legal document, compliant with state laws, enables parents or guardians to appoint another individual (the “agent”) to care for their child under specific conditions outlined in the form. Those executing the power of attorney have the flexibility to choose the circumstances and manner in which the agent can act on their behalf. It is essential for parents or guardians to carefully consider their choice of agent and clearly outline the scope of their authority to ensure the child’s well-being during the period of the form.

State Laws: Title 17

Signing Requirements (§ 17-110): To validate a Maryland minor child power of attorney form, it must meet the following signing requirements:

  1. Parents or guardians must sign the form.
  2. A notary public must authorize their signatures.
  3. At least two adult witnesses must attest and sign the document before the principal and each other.