Maryland Vehicle Power of Attorney (VR-470)


A Maryland motor vehicle power of attorney (Form VR-470) is a one-page form used by vehicle owners and businesses to elect an attorney-in-fact to perform duties relating to a car, truck, or van. If two people own the vehicle, such as a husband and wife, the person completing the document must include the names and addresses of both parties. The owner must communicate (either through written or oral conversation) with the appointed person about their role so they clearly understand what is being asked of them.

The attorney-in-fact must have a signed copy of the motor vehicle power of attorney in hand when registering, titling, buying, or selling the car to prove they are allowed to carry out the given task. As soon as the duties have been completed, the document expires and no longer has power-giving abilities. Vehicle owners who want to make edits or changes must complete a new form. If they wish to revoke the original copy and do not want to create a new one, they can terminate it by completing a revocation power of attorney.

Signing requirements: Vehicle owner (and co-owner, if applicable) must sign.

How to Write

Download: PDF

Step 1 – Vehicle Owner Information

In this top section, provide the name and address of the car owner(s).

Step 2 – Representative Information

Disclose the name and address of the attorney-in-fact in the following section.

Step 3 – Vehicle Details and Signature(s)

Enter the car’s make, body type, year, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and title number. The car owner(s) then executes this power of attorney by signing and dating at the bottom.