Maine Durable Power of Attorney Form


A Maine Durable Power of Attorney (POA) formally bestows decision-making powers to someone else. It should be completed by anyone looking to prepare their personal finances should they be unable to handle them on their own. By giving completed POA to your agent and close family, they’ll understand how to manage or liquidate your assets. For example, if you own and manage multiple rental properties, the POA could be used to give your agent permission to screen tenants, sign lease agreements, and more. Because the document is more broad than a limited type, it can be used for empowering literally every type of power to the agent. If you’re looking for a less specific power of attorney, we recommend the limited POA. and i legal document that carries a number of notable features. Your agent’s powers can be ended at anytime so long you’re still mentally competent. If you sign the POA and then become unable to communicate effectively, you’ll be unable to remove your agent’s powers. It’s because of this that the agent should be selected very carefully


Laws: § 5-905

Signing requirements (§ 5-905(1)) – Notarized.