Maine Health Care Advance Directive Form

A Maine Health Care Advance Directive (Medical POA) is a legal document that provides a person (the “principal”) with the means to establish their end-of-life wishes and assign a person they know to ensure their wishes are carried out. The name of the person that the principal chooses is called their “agent” or “attorney-in-fact”. The agent is only needed should the principal become incapacitated – a term used for classifying a person that can no longer communicate effectively.

The document is for planning only, and can’t be completed after a person has their mental health turn for the worst. A person is only incapacitated after being deemed so by a physician.

Laws: Title 18-C (§5-803)

Signing requirements (§ 5-803(2)): Once all applicable fields have been completed in the Advance Directive, the principal will need to sign the form in front of two (2) witnesses, who must also sign the document.