Maine Health Care Advance Directive Form


A Maine health care advance directive is a legal document that provides a person (the “principal”) with the means to establish an agent to carry out their health-related or end-of-life wishes. The agent is only needed should the principal become incapacitated (a term used for classifying a person that can no longer communicate effectively).

A principal can only complete this form while they are mentally incompetent. If they have not completed a health care advance directive, the court must review the case and appoint an agent. A physician must confirm the mental status of the principal in writing.

A medical power of attorney does not cover finances or give the agent the ability to make financial-related decisions on the principal’s behalf. If the principal wants to have their finances covered if they become incapacitated, they should complete a general power of attorney. This type of form gives the agent permission to pay bills, manage accounts, defend lawsuits, pay medical care staff, or take care of any monetary task.

The principal can choose the same or different agent that they selected for their medical power of attorney. If they pick two (2) separate agents, they must ensure that both parties get along if they ever need to communicate or make collaborative decisions on behalf of the principal.

Laws: Title 18-C (§5-803)

Signing requirements (§ 5-803(2)): Signed in the presence of two (2) witnesses.