Maine Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Maine limited power of attorney is a legal document filled out by a person (the principal) when they want another person (the agent) to act as their representative for a set amount of time. The person completing the form must include their name, address, list of given powers, effective date(s), signature, and the designated agent’s name. In addition, the representative must sign the form to verify the information and vow to complete the assigned duties in the requested manner.

A principal holds the right to nullify the agreement if they wish to do so. Although they do not need a reason for canceling, common explanations include: 1) not needing the responsibilities anymore, or 2) no longer trusting the agent to handle the duties. An agent breaks trust when they make irresponsible choices or do not heed the demands of the principal.

Signing requirements (§ 5-905(1)): The principal must have a notary public witness their signature.