Maine Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

A Maine Limited (Special) Power of Attorney (LPOA) is a legal document that is filled out by a person (the “Principal”) when they want another person (the “Agent”) to act as their representative for a period of time. When completing the template, the Principal should include their name, address, list of given powers, effective date(s), and a signature, as well as the name of the designated Agent. The person who has been granted the power must specify their contact information and sign the form in order for it to be valid.


How Long Does an LPOA Last?

An LPOA is not long-lasting, meaning that it lasts only for a specific time, and is not valid once it reaches expiration. If the Agent completes the tasks before the form expires, then it becomes null, as well.

Since the document is durable, it removes all power from the Agent if the Principal becomes incapacitated or dies (§ 5-904). Additionally, the Principal is able to terminate the agreement at any point by using a Maine revocation form.

Signing requirements (§ 5-905(1)) – Must be notarized.