Minnesota Medical Power of Attorney Form


The Minnesota Medical Power of Attorney, otherwise known as a Health Care Power of Attorney in the state of Minnesota, is a document that allows an individual to appoint a health care Agent who will act on their behalf to make health care decisions, as well as follow any instructions that have been noted. It is mandatory that the Principal drafts and executes the form when they are in a capable state. Any decision making powers the Principal has chosen to bestow their Agent will come into effect, as per § 145C.02, “when the Principal, in the judgment of the Principal’s attending physician, lacks decision-making capacity, unless otherwise specified in the health care directive.”

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Health Care Directives

Signing Requirements (§ 145C.03) – State law demands that all Minnesota Medical Power of Attorney forms must be signed and dated by the Principal and “contain verification of the Principal’s signature,” either by a Notary Public or at least one (1) witness.