Minnesota Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


With its legally-compliant and legally-binding terms, the Minnesota Minor Child Power of Attorney has empowered countless parents and guardians to bestow temporary decision making powers to a party they nominate. The party, referred to as the Agent, should be a trusted individual who is both willing and capable of acting in the capacity of a temporary guardian to the child of the parents or guardians. As it is a Limited Power of Attorney, the Agent will only be able to handle the specified matters which concern their child, to the exclusion of any other matters (e.g. their finances, property, etc.).

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Powers of Attorney

Signing Requirements (§ 523.01) – The POA must be dated and signed by the Principal. If the Principal will nominate another party to sign on their behalf, or they will sign by mark, the POA must be acknowledged by a Notary Public.