Missouri Durable Power of Attorney Form


A Missouri Durable Power of Attorney comes into play when you need your finances handled. Because this POA type is durable, it doesn’t terminate unless it is manually revoked (or you die). It’s a serious form that allows for long-term planning. Arguably the most imperative part of the form is choosing your agent. If you have a spouse (and you trust him/her), they are most likely the best person to act as your agent. If you are single, a friend, child, sibling, or similar person can be chosen as your nominee. You can’t just choose an agent without their clear consent, however. They need to know what is expected of them, the power(s) they will have, and anything else you feel is important for them to know. Another thing to consider is where your agent lives. If they’re in another city or state, they should not be chosen as your agent, as they’d have to travel every time you needed something handled. Thus, the ideal agent is someone who lives nearby, can perform everything requested of them, and who you can trust without a doubt.