Missouri Durable Power of Attorney Form


A Missouri durable power of attorney is a legal instrument for delegating financial management responsibilities. It remains in force until explicitly revoked by the principal or upon their demise, facilitating comprehensive long-term financial planning. The selection of an agent under this power of attorney demands careful consideration, given the significant authority and trust bestowed upon the appointee.

In the case of married individuals, the spouse, assuming a foundation of trust exists, generally serves as the most suitable agent. A reliable friend, offspring, sibling, or equivalent individual may serve as the agent for unmarried principals. Regardless, the chosen agent must consent to their appointment, fully understanding the responsibilities, the scope of the powers granted, and any additional expectations the principal may have.

The geographical proximity of the agent to the principal also warrants thorough regard. Agents residing in distant cities or states may need help executing their duties promptly and effectively due to the logistical complications associated with travel. Consequently, an ideal agent is geographically accessible, fully capable of performing the required tasks, and embodies a level of trustworthiness beyond reproach.

Agent’s Duties – § 404.714

Laws – §§ 404.700 – 404.737

Signing Requirements (§ 404.705(1)(3)) – Notarization required.