Missouri Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

The Missouri Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care is a document that offers two considerable benefits. Not only does it allow for a Patient (the individual who brings about this type of Power of Attorney) to adequately prepare for their own end-of-life care. By implication, it also provides the Patient’s loved ones with the peace of mind that should the Patient one day enter into a state of incapacitation, they will not be at a loss of what to do. Instead, they can refer to the document to see what the Patient’s wishes are in regards to their end-of-life care. They also will not need to worry about carrying out such wishes themselves (unless they have been named by the Principal as the Agent in charge of acting on their behalf).

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Act

Signing Requirements (§ 404.825) – State law does not impose any particular signing requirements for this agreement to be lawfully executed. There is, however, a state law mandated requirement that must be met in order for a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care to commence. This requirement states that two (2) licensed physicians must, upon examination of the Patient, certify that they are “incapacitated and will continue to be incapacitated for the period of time during which treatment decisions will be required and the powers and duties shall cease upon certification that the patient is no longer incapacitated.”