Missouri Limited Power of Attorney Form

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A Missouri limited power of attorney is a two (2) page contract that allows an assigned person (the “attorney-in-fact”) to make decisions and sign documents for the person completing the form (the “principal”). It lasts until it reaches its expiration date, the duties are fulfilled, or the principal revokes it using a Missouri revocation form. Common examples of duties that an agent is responsible for include picking up a principal’s mail, signing a legal document for them, or managing their investment portfolio.

Although a limited power of attorney can be used for medical and financial decisions, it is typically used for medical and general power of attorneys. It is not durable as it ends if the principal becomes mentally impaired or dies. If the principal decides for it to have an expiration date, they can do so by stating both the start and end days in the form.

Signing requirements (§ 404.705(3)) – Witnessed by a notary public.