Montana Durable Power of Attorney Form


A Montana Durable Power of Attorney, upon being completed by a mentally competent adult, provides ease of mind in that the individual’s finances will be handled by an individual they trust (should something happen to them). As one of the most popular POA forms, it is used by Montana residents to prevent their finances from going into disarray due to them being in a state of “incapacitation”, which is a fancy word for being unable to communicate (ex: vegetative state). Pretty much anyone can be selected to perform as the attorney-in-fact. Although it’s a wise move to trust someone that you can trust, as they’ll have the right to view and manage very private information (such as your investments). Being a broad-use POA, the agent can handle anything you permit so long they’re not related to medical topics, which should be reserved for the official POA for Health Care.



Version 1

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx)


Version 2 (Montana State University)

Download: Adobe PDF


Laws: § 72-31-353

Signing requirements (§ 72-31-305): In order for the POA to be accepted by third parties, you must have your signature notarized. This can be done in-person or though the online Notary