Montana Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Montana limited power of attorney enables a resident of Montana (the “principal”) to authorize another person (the “agent”) to act in their place while carrying out specified activities. These duties must be written exactly as desired in the limited power of attorney so that the agent is clear on how to complete them. The agent is responsible for any actions they take that do not align with the principal’s wishes, and therefore, must ensure that they fully understand what is being asked of them before signing.

If the principal feels that the agent is acting out of bounds or no longer needs the duties fulfilled, they can cease the agreement by using a Montana revocation form. This form is only used for specific, one-time duties. Principals who are looking for longer-term or broader terms should choose a general, medical, or durable power of attorney.

Signing requirements (§ 72-31-305) – Signed by a notary public.