North Dakota General Power of Attorney Form


The North Dakota General Power of Attorney serves one (1) main purpose: to give a trusted person permission to handle your financial affairs in your absence. This can include bank deposits/withdrawals, tax handling, property management, investment allocation, and much more. So long the task doesn’t relate to your health care, it can most likely be delegated using the power of attorney.

Once the agent has completed their task(s), the principal can add a clause to the POA that states the POA will be terminated automatically, OR they can complete and issue a revocation of power of attorney.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This form is not durable – it will terminate should you become incapacitated after signing the document. Should you need a POA that does remain in effect regardless of the principal’s mental state, a durable power of attorney should be used.

To complete the form, the principal needs to do the following:

  • Write the name of the person they select as their agent;
  • Write the name(s) of any successor agents (optional);
  • Check the appropriate box(es) pertaining to the authority the principal is giving to the agent;
  • Write detailed instructions for the agent to follow; and
  • Sign the document

Laws: Chapter 30.1-30

Signing requirements: None. Notarization highly recommended.