Nebraska Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Nebraska limited power of attorney facilitates the transfer of power to an attorney-in-fact to handle special tasks for a principal. The document’s creator can set a beginning and end date if they need something done before a certain time or want to set time boundaries for an agent to honor their commitment.

An agent must always make decisions that best represent the principal’s beliefs, including spiritual or religious views. If the individual feels unsure of how to proceed with a task or cannot determine how the principal would act in the situation, they must discuss the matter with them through oral or written communication.

Depending on the principal’s needs, an agent can buy or sell personal property for them, such as a vehicle, home, or other similar items. They can also handle the person’s taxes or take care of an investment need. The matters do not have to be financial-related, however, as the agent can handle less complex matters like housesitting while the owner goes on vacation. Overall, the form has a wide variety of uses as the tasks are often unique and individualized.

Signing requirements (§ 30-4005): Must be notarized.