Nebraska Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Nebraska limited power of attorney enables a principal to assign special tasks to an attorney-in-fact. It does not last as long as other types of power of attorney forms (e.g. durable, general, medical) as it immediately ends once it expires or the duties are completed. However, the principal holds the right to terminate the agreement at any time by filling out a Nebraska revocation form. A principal typically fills out this type of form when they need an agent to handle real estate, financial, or other personal matters that they are unable to take care of on their own.

When the agent is carrying out the wishes of the principal, they must act according to the stated requests. If any wrongful decisions are made during this time, the agent is fully responsible and must repay any debts caused by their actions (§ 30.4017).

Signing requirements (§ 30-4005) – Must be notarized.