Nebraska Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers (Minor Child)


The Nebraska temporary delegation of parental powers (form DC-6-10-1), also known as a minor child POA, is a legal document used by parents looking to give someone they trust with the right to take care of their child(ren). Per state law, parental powers can only be delegated for a period of up to six (6) months. After which, the parents would need to complete and sign a new form.

The form is necessary to permit the caretaker (agent) to handle decisions and take responsibility of the child during normal day-to-day life. This includes:

  • Performing tasks in a parental capacity,
  • Providing consent to the child’s medical care and treatment, and
  • Providing consent for school-related matters.

While the agent can handle nearly any responsibilities regarding the child, they cannot consent to marriage or adoption of the child.