New Jersey Durable Power of Attorney Form


Download the New Jersey Durable Power of Attorney to put the right to manage your finances in the hands of a trusted family member or friend close friend. In more specific terms, it gives that trusted person (your agent) the legal right to deposit or withdraw money from your bank account, handle government benefits (like a pension), sell real estate, manage your company, and other important matters. The agent can be given broad or specific powers depending on what you initial in the form. Regardless, it provides one with ease of mind in knowing that if something happened that rendered them mentally incapable, their life wouldn’t be in shambles by the time they recovered, or passed away. Should death occur, the form will render itself terminated, and the last will and testament (if one was completed) will be used to distribute your belongings.

Agent’s powers – You can view the powers an agent can be granted by going to NJ’s revised statute 46:2B-11.

Laws: § 46:2B-8.2

Signing requirements (§ 46:2B-8.9) – The POA has to be signed in accordance to R.S.46:14-2.1, which requires the principal to have their signature witnessed by one (1) person AND notarized.