New Jersey General Power of Attorney Form


The New Jersey General Power of Attorney is a legal form that can be used by an adult to provide a person (or entity) with short-term permission to handle personal financial-related matters. This can be used by anyone that seeks an extra pair of hands to better manage their financial affairs, or that will need assistance due to them being unavailable now or in the future. The person that is nominated with the form is called the “Attorney-in-Fact”. It’s important to know that the “Attorney-in-Fact” can be anyone of adult age – they do not need to be a licensed attorney. Recommended choices are family and close friends.

The Attorney-in-Fact should be given highly-detailed instructions for the task(s) they’ve been requested to do. If they will be managing property, they should understand all aspects needed to do the job in-full. Once the Attorney-in-Fact has completed their duties, you (the Principal) can terminate the contract at any time by completing a Revocation of POA. The form will need to be sent to the Attorney-in-Fact and any other individuals or entities that originally received a copy of the General POA.

Laws: NJ Title 46

Agent’s authority: § 46:2B-11

Signing requirements (§ 46:14-2.1): Must be notarized.