New Jersey Limited Power of Attorney Form

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A New Jersey limited power of attorney is selected when a principal needs another person (the “agent”) to act in their place while executing certain tasks. This form is chosen if the duties are one-time or the principal does not wish for the agent to have long-lasting power. It typically ends once the agent finishes the assigned tasks or it reaches the expiration date. If another type of power of attorney (e.g. minor (child), real estate, tax, etc.) is completed while the limited power of attorney is active, both remain effective unless stated otherwise (§ 46:2B-8.10). To cancel any of these agreements, the principal needs to fill out and sign a New Jersey revocation form.

It is typical for a principal to fill out this type of form when they need certain tasks done that they cannot otherwise carry out themselves. Cashing a check, signing a document, or picking up mail for a principal are typical uses for this document. As long as the tasks are not long-lasting or meant to exist after the principal dies or becomes incapacitated, a limited power of attorney is the most applicable option.

Signing requirements (§ 46:2B-8.9) – Must be notarized.