New Mexico Durable Power of Attorney Form


Download the New Mexico Durable Power of Attorney to appoint another party with the authority to perform actions regarding your finances in your place. The form is NOT meant to be used for providing an individual with power to handle responsibilities you don’t want to perform (like delegating a task), but rather is used for protecting your business, investments, real estate, and other assets should you suffer an emergency that doesn’t let you tend to it yourself. In other words, it’s a long-term planning form that either enters into effect once you sign it, or after you can no longer communicate your decisions (you can choose either option).

Once signed, you provide your agent with the form. They can then bring the form (or a copy of it) when conducting tasks on your behalf. For example, if withdrawing money, the agent would need to present the document to the bank or credit union for them to allow it. You can choose anyone you want to act as your representative (known as the “agent”), although experts recommend the person be someone who you have known for a considerable length of time, and that has a strong character.


Laws: § 45-5B-104

Signing requirements (§ 45-5B-105) – Notarization is mandatory.