New Mexico Limited Power of Attorney Form


A New Mexico limited power of attorney is a type of power of attorney that grants special power(s) to an agent. The creator can use the form for many purposes, such as providing someone the authority to sign a document on your behalf or manage your rental property.

While there is no set time limit for the form, the principal should not use it for long-term responsibilities (e.g., over one year). It ends once the agent meets the quota or the document reaches its expiration date (if the principal sets one). They can also select a future start date so that the agent does not have power until that time.

The principal can issue a revocation of power of attorney for as long as the document stays active. Once completed, they should give it to the agent, so the person understands their legal obligations are no longer warranted (essentially “releasing” them from the power of attorney).

Signing requirements (§ 45-5B-105): The power of attorney must have the principal’s signature notarized. The agent does not have a lawful duty to sign the form, but it helps to authenticate the document further.