New Mexico Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MVD-11020)


The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MVD-11020) is a document that makes it possible for a motor vehicle owner to name an Attorney in Fact for the motor vehicle they name. By enacting the Power of Attorney, the motor vehicle owner agrees to bestow authority to their Attorney in Fact to sign all documents they would be required to sign in order to complete any transactions, including a sale, of their named vehicle. In addition to providing relevant details in the form, the motor vehicle owner must seek the services of a Notary Public, who is required to subscribe and swear both their signature and that of their Attorney in Fact.

Signing requirements:


  1. The motor vehicle owner signs the form;
  2. Their Attorney-in-Fact signs the form (they must sign in the area indicated by the title: “Signature of person submitting affidavit”); and
  3. A Notary Public must witness the owner sign the form (and then notarize the document itself).