Nevada General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

The Nevada General (Financial) Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal contract that will delegate authority from a Principal to an Agent, of which will be terminated upon the Principal’s incapacity. These terms are defined by state law as follows:

  • “Agent” – “A person granted authority to act for a Principal under a POA…”
  • “Principal” – “An individual who grants authority to an Agent in a POA.”
  • “Incapacity” – “The inability of an individual to manage property or business affairs…”

Signing requirements (NRS 162A.220) – Principal’s signature must be notarized.

Additional Considerations

State law specifies a range of conditions in which an individual will be deemed “incapacitated” in the eyes of the law. Namely, because the individual is:

  1. Suffering from an impairment in the ability to receive and evaluate information or make or communicate decisions even with the use of technological assistance, or
  2. Missing,
  3. Detained, including incarcerated in a penal system, or
  4. Outside the U.S and unable to return.