Nevada General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


Download the Nevada General Power of Attorney (POA) to name an adult you personally know as your “agent”. Your agent can act in your capacity regarding your personal assets, property, businesses, and much more. This is useful if you’ll be out of town or unavailable for a certain length of time, as it allows the agent to take on tasks that would otherwise only be able to be handled by you. The agent can’t handle anything related to your health, as that would be reserved for the Medical Power of Attorney.

After nominating the agent, their power only stays in effect so long you’re in good health. Should you become incapacitated (not able to communicate effectively), the POA will end on its own. This is known as being “non-durable”; for nominating an agent with durable powers, the Durable POA will need to be downloaded and completed.

Signing requirements (NRS 162A.220) – Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll need to have your signature notarized.

Nevada law specifies a range of conditions in which an individual will be deemed “incapacitated” (and thus the POA being terminated). You are considered “incapacitated” if you are:

  1. Suffering from an impairment in the ability to receive and evaluate information or make or communicate decisions (even with the use of technological assistance);
  2. Missing,
  3. Detained / incarcerated;
  4. Outside of the United States and unable to return.