Ohio Limited Power of Attorney Form


An Ohio limited power of attorney is filled out by the principal when appointing a trusted family member, friend, or business partner (the agent) to complete special tasks. The assigned duties are individualized to the principal’s needs and often pertain to financial or legal matters. However, it can also come in handy when wanting a contract for one-time services that do not relate to money or lawfulness.

An agent must feel self-assured about the responsibilities assigned to them. If they do not understand the wording of a task or feel the principal did not thoroughly explain the duty, they should immediately contact the person for clarification.

If the principal and agent lose or accidentally destroy the limited power of attorney, the principal must create another one. As soon as they sign the new form, the old one becomes null, and the agent cannot use it to manage the listed tasks.

Signing requirements (§ 1337.25): The principal must execute their signature in the notary public’s presence.