Oklahoma General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


The Oklahoma General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a personal planning form used for providing someone with the right to handle financial tasks on behalf of another. It is mainly used when someone (the principal) will be leaving out of their town/city/state, and they need someone to cover for their finances or business while you’re gone. The principal may need to leave for a number of reasons, whether it be due to pending medical treatment, rehab (mental or physical), a long-term vacation, mandatory military service, or a prison sentence. If the principal only needs to delegate one (1) or a few tasks, they’re better off using the limited POA, which is used for very specific powers.

A major feature of the general POA is that it doesn’t bind the agent to their duties if the principal is mentally debilitated. In other words, if the principal were to suffer from an emergency while away, their nominated agent’s powers would recede immediately. If the parties had completed and signed a durable POA, on the other hand, the agent would retain their powers until the principal died (or another agent took their place).

Laws: Ch. 17A (Scroll down)