Oklahoma Limited Power of Attorney Form

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An Oklahoma limited power of attorney authorizes an agent to complete tasks or make decisions that have been requested by a resident of Oklahoma (the “principal”). The duties are written by the principal and included in the limited power of attorney. Through the act of signing, the agent is agreeing to act in the principal’s best interest at all times while closely following the conditions listed in the form. If the agent abuses the given power or makes unapproved choices, they are liable and must repay any financial burdens caused by their actions.

A limited power of attorney is not durable, meaning that it automatically terminates if the principal passes away or endures an accident or illness that leaves them unable to make decisions for themselves. Additionally, the principal can end it whenever they wish by completing an Oklahoma revocation form and filing it with the county clerk (§ 58-1075).

Signing requirements (§ 58-1072.2) – The principal must sign in front of two (2) witnesses. State law does not require notarization, although it is recommended.